“Hey guys!!! Listen, I have an interesting story!” How bout that sentence?? Will you be interesting to what I said?

Yap, now we will talk about gaining attention. Let’s check this out yo, haha😀



I.                    Definition

Gaining Attention is a way or expression that is spoken so that other people will pay their attention to what we want to.


II.                  The Expressions

  • Attention please!
  • Woah, really?
  • Excuse me, look here!
  • May I have your attention please?
  • Listen to me, please!


III.                Responds

  • OK
  • Yes / Yeah
  • What’s up?
  • What’s new?


IV.                Example



Seunghyun : Attention please!

Rizky              : What’s up?

Seunghyun : I will go home early today.

Rizky              : What is that? That’s not important. Huh.

Seunghyun : Nothing. It’s just for fun, haha.




K. WILLTalking in front of public.





See ya~

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