Hi! I’m back again 😛 hahaha

This time, we’ll talk about Appointment. But first, I wanna ask you. Have you ever got an Appointment from your friends or someone? or maybe, you have made an Appointment by yourself to your relatives, friends, or someone?? Have you?

If you ask me the same, I will answer yeah I have. There are so many ways to make an Appointment. Let’s talk about it now.


I. Definition

  1. Appointment is an arrangement to meet someone.
  2. An arrangement to do something or meet someone at a particular time and place.

—> Making an Appointment

  • I’d like you to come and see.
  • Can I come and see you?
  • Will you go out with me tonight?
  • Can you meet me at class this evening?
  • How if I come to your house?

—> Accepting an Appointment

  • No problem, I’m free.
  • All right, see ya there. (see you there)
  • I’ll wait for you.
  • It’s a deal.
  • I’ll be there on time.

—> Refusing an Appointment

  • Sorry, I can’t. I have another job to do.
  • I’d love to. But I can’t, bacause … (fill the blank with your reason that make sense!)
  • I’m so sorry, I have another appointment.

There is also a chance to you for cancelling or changing your appointment with someone. Sometimes, unexpected things or because of something else you have to instead.


—> Cancelling an Appointment

  • I’m terribly sorry. I have to cancel our appointment because I have to go yo Japan tomorrow.
  • Sorry, I have to postpone my appointment with you. That’s because … (your reason)

—> Changing an Appointment

  • What about sunday at 2 p.m?
  • Is that OK if we meet at your house?
  • Could we change the schedule of the meeting?
  • Well, I must be off now. TTYL. (read : Talk To You Later)
  • Do you have another time? I can’t go this afternoon.

II. Example


Dialogue 1:

Indah: Hi! How if we go to the cinema?

Rizky: Good idea. But when is it?

Indah: Hmm… Tomorrow will be good, right?

Rizky: Yeah. Meet me in front of the cinema at 1 p.m.

Indah: All right!


Dialogue 2:

Hyunseung: Can I go to your house this afternoon?

Dara              : Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll go to my uncle’s house this afternoon.

Hyunseung: Really? How about tomorrow?

Dara              : OK. I’ll wait for you.



Bye!!! – 안녕!!!



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